From Magda in Venice, day one

Yesterday was my first day in Venice, and it is AMAZING of course. What struck me immediately were the clothes lines everywhere. They look so beautiful in the sunlight and the happy breeze. It feels like it they are a decorative feature on the cobblestone streets. They are on every corner, it seems.

Laundry lines

This is Giovanni. He is one of the students in charge of the urban renewal project that I was invited to be a part of. He was like most Italians I have met, extremely hospitable. He picked me up from the airport and took me straight to a cafe for an espresso…standing, of course.


Here we are unloading the boat with all the recycled materials that we will be using for the green space.


Here is the pocket of grass that is apparently one of the few places in the city. I am starting to understand that the beauty of Venice comes from the water, the history, and the architecture.


So the first day consisted of throwing some shoes…


and some clothesline inspired action. Not finished. We’ll see what comes next…….

clothes line_485

xx Magda


  1. Leah Sayeg

    Proud Mama and Papa…whose prayers shower you! A free-spirit since birth and we NEVER knew what would happen next; BORING – Not a word in your vocabulary! Keep up the good work you have been blessed with such a passion for! Love, Mom

  2. Mary Midani

    Magda, you are so terribly creative and innovative, would be nice to follow you around town and see just what you come up with.


    Mary (The door is open for cappuccino!)

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