From Magda in Venezia, Day 2

I’m finally posting about the rest of my adventures in Venezia!

The food here was overwhelming. I have passed by so many displays of sweets, cheeses, and ice creams.


This is a wine town. It was so cool to walk into a shop and have them fill random plastic bottles from the barrels of red and white house wine. It was super cheap too, like 2-4 euros per liter.


I finished my part of the urban renewal project today, which consisted of a more simplified version of what I usually do, but it was important to me to respect the history of this amazing place. I did not want to over do it in any way.

I experimented with something new. I saw moss growing from cracks in the wall and on trees. It was quite beautiful. I tried to replicate it by only using hot pink yarn. Although the color was clearly not nature toned, there was still something organic about it in shape. I think I’ll be doing this more and more………



I also did some more traditional knitta tags…. I’ll be posting them soon.


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