Arabs Got Talent….yep


I’m pretty sure most people don’t believe me when I say that I just got back from working on the set for Arabs Got Talent in Beirut, Lebanon.

And then I show them the snake video……

We did a huge installation covering almost the entire green room for 7up.


2J6A8517 (1)

When we weren’t working, we were eating……I mean like REALLY EATING A TON OF FOOD.


I probably gained 10 pounds in this short period…and I am probably thinking about that in the pic below. IMG_3762

Such good times…it was surreal and amazing and would do it all over again….even with the 10 pound gain. IMG_3761

Next stop: Dubai… not a lot to say about this project just yet but it’s going to be BIG… for now check out the view from my hotel room: Burj Khalifa…pretty nice.IMG_3870

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