wrapping up 2014


I officially suck at blogging. I am ashamed it took me an ENTIRE YEAR to post something. I could be one of those people who hire someone else to do this but then my posts would read like someone else did this. So these may be seldom but at least they are genuine and authentic?? yes yes that’s my guilt free reasoning.

Back to last year.

It was good and ended with a BANG.

So that gun in Sweden was part of Artscape, a pretty forward thinking art festival in Malmo, Sweden dedicated to celebrating street art of all kinds which has been frowned upon and even considered illegal in Sweden’s biggest city, Stockholm, So kudos to you Malmo for being so bold and beautiful.



Next big project was the fountain I covered in Santiago, Chile. So good I’m sad it is over. Not only did we include a drone to fly over as we were installing to document the process, but we also managed to put knitting in the water. The fountain was fully functional after it was covered.

although it was only a 20 second commercial, it’s amazing how much time goes into it all…


Clearly I have a thing for waving my hands around during set…


lots of hurrying up and waiting…..


lots of guys in hats


lots of alternative uses of material


and DP’s with ponytails… we instantly acted like teenage girls around this guy.

I guess I could have shown you more pics of the work but this job was so much more than a job… the people were amazing, the city was intensely beautiful, the empanadas are why I’m doing yoga twice a day and would do it again.. all of it again ( single tear running down my cheek)


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