rockin rio


I just got back from a site visit to lovely Rio de Janeiro- a place I have never been.


First stop was Cristo. Check out the woman in the background. There must be 2000 pics a day of people mimicking the stretched arms of the statue. I was not one of them.

photoThis landscape was hard to comprehend….this is taken from one of the highest points in the Hacienda/Favela areas.

And now…..

A little bit about the food I LOVED…

Evernote Camera Roll 20130909 081719


Evernote Camera Roll 20130904 151543
photo 2photo

I had tapioca crepes everyday along with fresh cane and acerola juice.

and then there were some things I didn’t get…..


photoGlobo snacks…only a Brasilian could love

and the work out look….I sound pretty shallow here but what’s up with the sports socks stretched to mid calf??? It’s all the rage there!

photome on the last day shielding the sun with my pope hat.

photo 2photo 1and Renato in all his glory….

He served me a Caipirinha and then told me to add him on Facebook.

My next adventure couldn’t be more different…


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