long overdue update

 I suck at blogging. Actually I totally love posting stuff, but this summer has been mostly domestic. Fixing my house and being exhausted at the end of the day.


I have good things to share.



I will be hosting a workshop in Marfa, Texas at El Cosmico. I love what I am doing there so much, I’ll be making tshirts just to remember it by…aaww.



check this out…

111-BOKA-P-_-DW_Page_2-smallI was part of a team who made it to the top 3 in a design competition to redevelop the Seaholm Water Intake Station on Town Lake in Austin. It was exciting to be part of something at this level of design. I will be placing the spirographs strategically and creating these hammock like seating structures…hopefully

and finally…

I leave next week for Rio de Janeiro for a project in 2014. I will have lots to share in the next weeks, so stay tuned please!


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