the dubai trip

with edits

Dubai was everything I expected it be and so much more. Indoor skiing, skydiving, and scuba diving are definitely over the top. Man made islands are CRAZY. And Emirate women are now some of my favorite people in the world….


amal and deem

group shot

Admittedly I had my preconceived notions about them which soon withered away as I met women who were business owners, web designers, kite boarders, basketball players, and all around bad asses. I watched in awe at times.

camera woman

I was there for a week to help with a community driven project. I was impressed. They even wrapped a bus which I haven’t seen any one do since I did in Mexico City.

dubai bus

I can’t take much credit for this. They had it down.

I’ll resist posting the 25 pics of food except this one of me taking pics of my food.

me and food

And one touristy shot


We are already working on the next big project and I can’t wait to share…..


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