Jealous Curator and Fancy Thai

If you don’t know about this blog yet, then you will be so thankful you do now. Imagine what a pleasant surprise it was to see myself featured on one of my favorite blogs. There is some serious mutual admiration going on here.

AND…….I have a new piece I did recently…. almost too small to brag about but here goes…If you live in Austin check out Sway Thai.


 i’m still jealous of magda sayeg

I’m sure you all know of American artist/knitta Magda Sayeg, the queen of knit-bombing, {I showed this bus in 2009, and I’ve seen her work featured all over the place} but today I saw this video for the very first time:

I don’t know how to knit, but watching this on a Sunday afternoon made me want to make stuff. Colorful, happy stuff. Right now!!! I love it when I feel like that. So, ok, off I go to make stuff. See you there?


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