Happy December 2, 2013

via colossal

EDIT: So delightful to make a case in point about being sluggish to starting the new year; I meant to title this post , Happy January 2nd… AACK! (me identifying with a Cathy comic these days)

Is it just me, or is everyone moving a little slow to get the new year started?? Maybe that is why I like this video of fire works in reverse so much.

If I could just press the rewind button for a bit or at least push the pause button on my life for a minute…..sigh.

Nothing really happens for me until the Twilight Zone marathon is over which I have watched for too many years to admit. And then it’s all about the juices and exercise…..but it’s so cold outside I could almost convince myself a good layer of fat will keep the body warm? That could only work if I plan on living in these sweat pants for the winter.

Aside from my whining, I am looking forward to 2013. This is the year I will break ground on  this huge house remodel….pictures to follow.


AND it is my last year of my 30s which I can’t help but be a little sentimental about, and be determined to make great things happen, and and and start planning the best 40th birthday celebration ever.

a few more on my list of resolutions:

blog more, read more, write more, cook more…

One comment

  1. Beth Santellana

    Happy 2013, Magda! You are such a beautiful friend, I am so fortunate for the early years when we would get our kids together. Thank you for always sharing your gifts, it is truly inspiring!

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