good bye summer 2012

Oh dear…This summer will be a hard one to top.

I started in Australia…

doing this…

and then France….

then a short break to enjoy a little of Europe with some old friends….

Back to Texas for 5 minutes and then Switzerland to put a face on Walter-check.

Taiwan to cover this street food cart that sells PORK BLOOD PUDDING CAKE. YUM!

thanks team Knitta Taiwan!

OK…. back to Texas FOR 4 DAYS ( !!) and then off the Hong Kong for 2 weeks….

oh man, there is so much to share on this one… check out my instagram for more pics.. heres a dabble of what we did… lots and lots and LOTS of laughing.

good times…..

I end with a selfish trip to Bali

I knew it was going to be good when I met this woman..thanks Retat.

Now I am back home for a while…..

hangin with this mess named Stella

and these beautiful people

and making stuff that looks like this

and this

and more of these bad boys

There is crazy talk going on here…look out for a Knitta Pop Up shop in the next couple of months….and TOMS Shoes and I will be blowing it up with eyeballs in October.

more to come…..


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