Discoteca Rustica

I know what I am doing tonight!

Aside from ravin with the locals, we actually did get some work done.

Here is a sneak peak….This is Carlos, our assistant, who also works at the hotel. I can’t tell if he thinks I am nuts or enjoys the change of pace by working with us. maybe both.

After lunch, we were caught in the rain which turned into a great opportunity to see a little bit of this town.

This tunnel is completely covered in local newspaper. It was done by 2 women from here. It took them 2 months and a team of 6. It’s pretty amazing and is probably one of the coolest places to throw a party.

other noteworthy installations….

So today may be a wash as far as work is concerned, but I’m totally thrilled to see how cool this town is….

even the McFlurry looks pretty tasty!

no worries though.. I wouldn’t let myself go to a McD’s in Europe. I’ll see what Cafe Trani has to offer instead.


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