Wall Street Journal article, Gap Holiday campaign, and it’s my birthday this month YAY DECEMBER!

If I find the keys to a nice fuel efficient car outside my door, I may implode from all the goodness happening this month. Check out my favorite article of the year by Rachel Silverman. I love good writers.

And we finally get to talk about the GAP! Not sure where these are being used, but in some part of the world, you can see children swinging on knitted tires. LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE SEEN THEM!

and that is snow in AUGUST….Gap can make that happen…

AND the day after Christmas, I get to make all my poor loved ones get into party mode with full stomachs and celebrate my birthday. sorry in advance, family.


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  2. nik

    So squealingly cool! Just makes me smile all over!
    Future project idea? I’d love to see yarnbombers cover the windows of abandoned buildings, storefronts or homes with yarn creations…maybe gentle messages like “Gone, But Not Forgotten” or “Until We Meet Again”. Or just big colorful cheery yarn garden scenes.
    And if the trend continues, maybe whole yarn-covered/decorated/embellished parade floats for St. Pat’s Day, Pride Day, the Fourth of July or Thanksgiving Day parades. 🙂

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