Sydney, the project, the people, and the UTE

I couldn’t believe there is a car that looks like an El Camino that is still available to buy. They are everywhere…..and I think I kinda like them!

day one…

This project was one of the most intense….Catherine and I  spent most of our time at these stairs……

and lived off of this combination. Thank you Shirt Bar for being our kitchen and making delicious coffee.

We met wonderfully nice people like this woman who took the necklace off her neck and gave it to me.

And this handsome man, Mark, who owns an amazing men’s clothing shop called         Son of a Master Tailor, which I think has to be the best shop name ever..we all hit it off and ended up going to his birthday party that night. If it weren’t for him and…

these guys we would not have had nearly as much fun.

and finally here is the finished piece…

Thanks Amanda and Justine for making this happen.


  1. Simone

    I had heard about that project, but no idea where it came from. Nice to see some colour on those dreary stairs in my home town. I now live in a place called Coffs Harbour, around 500km north of Sydney, and if you think utes are everywhere in the city, you should come to the country! I recommend you watch a documentary series recently aired by the ABC in Australia, called ‘Wide Open Road’, to find out how the utility (ute) developed in Australia.

  2. Julie

    thanks for the recent glimpses of my hometown!, i hope everyone was nice to you.
    I was also happy to see that you embraced Vegemite! i love it, and so does my USA born daughter, it’s just my husband who is not onboard with the whole deliciousness!.
    love the stairs!

  3. Neety

    Ohhhhhh. I walked up and down those stairs while they looked so bright and beautiful and wondered how they came to be….now (9 months later), I know! Awesome work. Brightened that area so much! Thanks for choosing our boring Wynyard. 🙂

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