inhabitat wrote about PLAN AHEAD

finally thank you, somebody….
I rarely post articles about me (or at least I like to tell myself I don’t) , but I really like this article by inhabitat NYC, because of all the install photos. You can see what it took to make this happen. I could not have done it with out my hard working team. They also happened to all be super good looking…not sure how that came about, but I certainly wasn’t complaining. So thank you Tony Tuzzolino, Alex Howell, Nina Zacek, Marcos Torino, Ann Medhurst, Timmy Wood, Elizabeth Trieu, Catherine Cieslewicz, Liz Bucholtz.

And of course the two lovely Karen McClellan and Catherine Smith

And BIG thanks to Patricia, Luzmarie, and Guadalupe for the Herculean effort to knit over 300 different pieces.

Here are a few pics from the article… I know it is dated but still happy somebody wrote about it…..This was on the top of my list this year for favorite projects.


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