Sydney, the home of cheesymite rolls and other beautiful things

I know I should start with the “finer” parts of this amazing and beautiful city, BUT….. if you do not know about cheesymite rolls, you must be enlightened now. It is a bread roll filled with parmesan and (pause) Vegemite, and it’s AWESOME. I am certain this is how Australians cure a hangover, because it is made up of all the cravings one has after too much. I will confess… I brought like 10 of these back with me. I became irrationally worried security would confiscate my bag of stinky bread at the airport….. as if I were smuggling something highly illegal. Fortunately, I returned safely with my beloved bread to Texas…along with UGGS for everyone…..yes, I know, I cringe too.
We arrived sometime before 9 am, dropped our bags off, and stayed very close to the opera house…..and in awe for the next 14 hours….
lovely first day….more to come….too much to tell….


  1. Justine Topfer

    Oh I love it… now I’m feeling homesick, not for the Opera House or any of the rest of aesthetically beautiful Sydney… but indeed, for a Chessymite Scroll… hear hear!

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