We spent the week underneath the Williamsburg Bridge on scissor lifts, knitting 318 fence posts while the J train rumbled overhead, deafening us. The project was commissioned by the North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition (NBart) and sponsored by NYC DOT and Open Space Alliance… and was a ton of fun. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi! (Especially the truckers’ honks as we perched and shimmied on the 8-ft ledge.)

If you’re in NYC, stop by the installation at Kent Ave and So. 6th directly underneath the Williamsburg Bridge. It’ll be up for a while. In the meantime, enjoy these GORGEOUS images by our friend Jonathan Hokklo.

Cheers! Now begins a much-needed 3-million-day weekend…


  1. Wow, when yor installation “popped up” over the weekend, my BF and I weren’t sure what to think: was it a portentious missive from the future? a warning from ET’s? An overly ambitious knitwear designer with time one her hands? Thanks for clearing up the mystery, and for a message that forces people to think!

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