Argentina day 7…8? Jeez I don’t know….

I can’t wait to tell you about this AMAZING AWESOME project. I have to be good and keep my mouth shut which is way harder than I thought…but I will distract you ( and myself) with good pics……

Here I am with Jamie, one of the creatives, at a charming little restaurant that serves lots of cheese and meat as you can see. I discovered Patagonia Beer and ate Spanish peanuts. I swear I’m working…..

This is adorable Angeles at her awesome apartment. She just finished showing me her retractable roof…YES, it is retractable.

dinner last night at this house that is a restaurant and recording studio and bar and rooftop garden and simply too much too handle. I had a cocktail made with arugula…strange but tasty. Two good people Royden and Anna and clearly an attack of wine glasses. The Malbec continuously flows here.

This is Mab, the main animator. He’s so….hmm…well if I were younger, I would take him home with me…I would insist…..long pause while I ponder that thought for a moment. That white blob is part if this secret project so for now just assume he is a one glove kinda guy..that’s just how he rolls.

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