I am now getting the full Argentinian experience. I had to raise my camera above the heads in this crowded bar that looks like it’s been open for 100 years or more. This man was singing about love and passion and everyone was listening intensely as he sang. The young people are carrying on these traditions and have this respect for their culture that I haven’t seen yet in my experiences. Young people tango as much as the the older people do. I’m sure I’ll have to take an embarrassing stab at that soon.

I had a chance to spend the day in Delta in Tigre. It is only 45 minutes away from Buenos Aires. How cool would it be to live less than an hour from something that is so heavenly?? I was told that these houses don’t have addresses. They have descriptions like yellow house or house with 2 lion statues in front. I want to live here. I admit it….give me the simple life for just a little bit. I’m sure I’ll miss the big city or sushi eventually but I’ll deal with that when the time comes.

The name of this gas station on the water is SONIA. If I ever had a fondness for a gas station it would be this one.

I am pretty sure this tree comes from some magical forest near by.

happy girl …more to come…..

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