Etsy’s Sad Robot

Last week was an adventure: the Knitta team installed our largest scale project yet! We covered over 300 feet of AC ductwork in‘s Brooklyn office space. It took 20 (wo)man days and countless skeins of yarn. (There’s a contest raging on our facebook page to guess how many… get in on the action to win an iphone cover.) Jakob, one of Etsy’s general office handymen and expert driver of scissor lifts, said that before the installation the ductwork looked like one sad robot. Hopefully now it’s a cozier robot.

For more images, click over to our Etsy album on Facebook!


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  2. i’m an architect/interior designer and I’ve always thought duct work was ugly, until NOW!!! What a great idea!!!!! I might just expose the duct work on a future project just so it can be yarn bombed!!!! Thanks for sharing and being SO creative šŸ™‚

  3. L

    It looks fantastic. Ever since I saw your work, I’ve been thinking about covering our ducts at home with Yarn. Now that I see how beautiful I can look, I’m going to try it (and my husband will just have to learn to like it)!

    Any tips or suggestions about what type of yarn to use?

    • well… for inside you can use any type of yarn really. Outside we only use acrylic, because it doesn’t shrink when it gets wet. And it’s cheaper, which is important when you’re using hundreds of skeins šŸ™‚

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