knitting a road trip, complete

We’re ready to hit the road with the MINI. On our way out, we’re going to tag a few places around Austin and then have a picnic with some friends, where we’re gonna pig out on Franklin BBQ (YUMM). Nothing like an entire weekend to wander in Texas spring…

More photos after the jump.


  1. plotter

    As a knitter/crocheter AND Mini owner AND a bit silly, I want to know how you attached the fabric to the car. Really. I *need* to know this.

  2. Anna Malone

    This is wonderful. You all need to drive that little mini to NH and take a visit up here. We are thinking about doing some yarn bombing up here. We are going to start with my front yard.

  3. Dianna

    so very cute but personally I think you must have way too much time on your hands….
    I also would like to know how you attached all the knitting . So much for the paint job….but sure would protect it from the texas sun….too much funnnnnn

  4. Diana

    This is so cool. I just got my cooper and could not paint it pink, but I could knit it pink. How do you get the knitting to stay on the car.

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