images and stories from A Knitted Wonderland

courtesy of Shawn Thomas, click on image to jump to his Flickr

There has been much clamoring for an extension, and we finally got the okay from UT’s Keeper of the Trees. We are so pleased to announce that Knitted Wonderland will stay up at the Blanton for another week, until March 25th.

After you check out the photos below, click around these links to see the blog posts and flickr sites of all the hardworking volunteers. (I’m sure I’ve left some out, so if we’ve missed your link, please post to comments below! It will be added.)

On the blogs:
Lora-Lee Blalock at Just Orb,
Sally Villarreal at Sally Comes Unraveled,
Sandra Singh at Knitting with Sandra Singh,
Brenda Tharp at Art on Art,
Cristen Andrews at Bags Begone,
Velma Metz at Velma Knits,
and Poppytalk.

On Flickr:
The Griffin School,
Shanti Deva via Joey Marez,
Sally Villarreal,
Carolyn Bettelheim,
and Daniela Lozano.

image courtesy of Patrick Larson, click on image to jump to his flickr

Magda with the crew from the Griffin School

Image courtesy of The Griffin School.

Image courtesy of Mary Roland.

Image courtesy of Mary Roland.


  1. This was so much fun and I was so excited to be involved. When I was taking my knitting down today, three different people came up to me to say how much they enjoyed seeing the trees every day and to thank me for my involvement.

    • Hi Melissa, thanks for your concern. For this project, we consulted closely with UT’s head arborist to ensure that we didn’t damage the trees. The installation was up for only 3 weeks (taken down last Friday) during a time of year when the trees weren’t growing anyway. We certainly would never put up a project that would harm nature. Again, we appreciate your concern, and thanks for following Knitta Please.

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