Fiesta de la P, continued

Here’s a great video from the concert, filmed from a helicopter hovering over the show. To anticipate your questions: Yes, we did hang with the plumber and psychologist (characters from this great Personal ad). Yes, we do think the Argentine hipster guy in the billboard ad at 0:25 seconds is awesome, although a little creepy. And no, unfortunately MGMT did not play “It’s Raining Men.” That was dubbed in. Enjoy!

Also: a few more notes from our trip… 

They don’t sell six-packs in Argentina. They sell 40s. They also sell coozies for 40s, which is awesome. We bought three. Also, if you forego the glass, we found that you can appear to be drinking from an oversized baby bottle. It’s like the brown bag deluxe. (Yes, people will stare.)

As previously mentioned, there was a soccer team staying at our hotel: River Plate. Besides being the most successful professional team in all of Argentina (and ranked #1 in the Americas in the 90s), they also serve as eye candy for those who are sports-illiterate. After meeting some of them in the elevator, Magda received a mysterious knock on her door at 1 AM. Although this theory is unconfirmed, we think River Plate wanted some party friends. We imagine their thought process going something like this: “Hmm… It’s 1AM, the clubs open in an hour. We are tired of our crazy fans and want to hang out with some people who know nothing about futbol. Who better to drink the national cocktail (fernet and cola) with, than some American knitters? Um, NADIE!” Clearly.

We love you Argentina. We will be back!

Please see previous posts about our trip to Mar del Plata: We arrive. We install, then we install some more. We party.

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