Fiesta de la P

Luckily, we had a crew of men transfer the P to the beach on a truck, under a tarp. We finished the installation just as MGMT was doing their soundcheck, so we had our own private concert before the madness of 40,000 people flocked to the beach later that day.

Up at the VIP party, away from the crowds, we spent some time chatting with the girls from Urban by the pool. Carolina, on the left, has her own clothing design company based in Buenos Aires called TLG. Also, we think she’s the Argentine M.I.A. We love the celebrity look alike game – in addition to M.I.A., we found David Cross and Jemaine Clement at the VIP party. Jemaine turned out to be Marcelo Campini, a totally cool guy who’s the director of a Buenos Aires based model agency called Base Modelos.

Now here’s a story with a real celebrity: We wanted to celebrate the successful project, and we had a recommendation for a seafood restaurant – the best – called Viento en Popa. We tried to get a reservation from our hotel’s concierge, but they failed. Reservations were booked two weeks ahead. We lamented this to our driver, the amazing Gabriel, and he vowed to get us in. He stopped by during lunch to ask about dinner time, but the place was barricaded off because Julio Iglesias was dining with the governor of the Buenos Aires province. Gabriel, in his retelling, told the hostess that he was only trying to get last-minute reservations for Julio’s friends, some artists who were in town. No big deal, he booked us a table.

That night, after we finished eating rabas (fried calamari), langostinos (very large, lobster-like shrimp), and a buttery filet of robalo served with arugula and fried garlic, we drank the restaurant’s famous limoncello on a private patio and tried our hardest to look worthy of Julio Iglesia’s friendship.

See more about our trip to Mar del Plata: We arrive. We install, then we install more. Then we party more.


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