Installing “la P” – part one

We came with two suitcases packed with pre-knit material (thanks Patricia!). In retrospect, we’re lucky we got through customs: “No, sir, really. We’re not trying to sell hundreds of 10-ft long scarves in your country. We’re making a big P!” Hmmm… sounds plausible to us.

Our first job was to make a velcro grid on the P, for precision purposes. Mia was tiny enough to fit inside the loop. She’s our translator and a student here in Mar del Plata. And her last name is Ferrari. So cool!

Catherine, pictured with Magda on the left, is Knitta’s new project manager. She’s making things happen and we love her!

We made progress, but then we made time for fun. We wandered around Alem, the center for nightlife around here, and ate delicious facturas (pastries). At dinner, with our steaks, we got a taste of Quilmes, the national beer. Then we ran across this hot dog flying on a Vespa. All in a day’s work.

See more from our trip: We arrive. There’s more installation. We have fun, then party some more.

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