Bienvenidos Argentina

This week we’re taking the show on the road to Mar del Plata, Argentina, a beach escape to the south of Buenos Aires where it feels like Southern California, but with the seasons swapped. (Yes, the toilet does swirl the other way, and so does the bidet…)
Our (now) good friend Mauro picked us up from the airport and accommodated our quest for a cerveza after our lengthy trans-hemispheric flight. We didn’t find beer on the five hour drive to Mar del Plata, but we did find a roadside barbeque featuring blood sausage and whole side of roast pig.
Mauro entertained us with anecdotes exchanged in half-English/half-Spanish. Our favorite moment, after his detailed recommendations of the best sources for alfajores (what oreos aspire to be), churros, and choripan: “You will be fat when you leave! Very fat!” We’re guessing he’s right.
At the hotel in Mar del Plata, we found ourselves confronted with an unruly crowd cordoned off with the help of make-shift fencing and la policia, all awaiting a sight of the famed soccer team of Buenos Aires, River, who are staying at our hotel. Apparently they have a match against the other famed team of BsAs, La Boca, this weekend, so we will be seeing more of them.
Best of all, we made a site visit tonight to Arena Beach. We’ll be working knitta magic on a giant “P” which will be in attendance at Personal’s “Fiesta de la P,” a beach-side concert featuring MGMT and Panic! @ the Disco this weekend. Look – the P even has its own gazebo! Stay tuned for installation updates.
See more from our trip to Mar del Plata: We install – day one and day two – then we have fun and party some more.

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