ACL 2010

Another Austin City Limits – this time with a little ART. Big thanks to Emily Clark, Sarah Muench, Tony Tuzzolino, Patricia de la Rosa, Guadalupe Maria Delgadillo and Maria San Esteban… couldn’t have done it without them!

(This photo courtesy of Kari Fisher… Thanks!!)

The chicken wire didn’t carry the light down the tubes as well as vellum… and why don’t they make fireproof vellum? Check out more photos on ACL’s flickr site. I love this one!


  1. tatiana

    hola! estoy super sorprendida con lo que haces, no crei que hubiera gente capaz! y mira que mi marido se queja que yo tejo y tejo, y dice que cualquier dia mi casa estara cubierta de tejido jaja, eso es porque no te conoce! Es espectacular lo que se aprecia en este blog, saludos desde Montevideo, Uruguay.

  2. Pam

    thank you for share this…….We…our knitting/crocheting group at the library would love to copy your idea to make people more awear of knitting/crocheting group that meet at the library……..we’re planning to start by doing one tree outside of the library and my truck with a funky cover for our little parade next moth……..thanks again……also like the pic’s in the Lion brand magazine too….very cool

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