Bali, under wraps

Yes yes…I am supposed to stay quiet ( Me? HAHA!!!) about this until the end of October when the Insight campaign begins.  I think I can handle this. It can’t be that hard to resist telling THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD about my totally rad project in Bali!!!

In the meantime I’ll fill you in on how I spent my time when I wasn’t on a milk carton that was on a milk carton that was on 2 narrow planks of old wood…

Did I mention that I  was standing on this set-up about 25 feet off the ground… and that was only half way up the statue?

We all had some champagne the last night I was there. Frazier is an artist from Australia, who lives in Bali. Check out his work… especially the garbage based snowman. And the lovely Tang, who is a fashion designer based in Bali and Sydney. (I want her life!)

The ever rad Cisco is reason enough to play in Bali a little longer.

Goodbye Bali. It was great. You are a magical place and I hope I will return one day soon.

(Oh, and stay tuned for the unveiling….)


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