Etsy – the preview

Magda is working up a BIG project at Etsy headquarters in Dumbo, Brooklyn. This is the beginning. We stopped by today to get a feel for the installation, make some friends and eat some amazing food.

Julie is coordinating the project with Etsy, and Arnetta is opening up new worlds over at the Fashion Institute of Technology. This installation could not be happening without these amazing people and many more at the Etsy Labs.

And yes, we even covered the protruding vents – it’s an homage to Granny Squared after all. Stay tuned for the real airduct cozy extravaganza coming up soon…


  1. Laura

    I’m a fairly new subscriber to your blog, but I must say every new e-mail I get, seems to be more amazing than the last, except the car in Italy is hard to top. Looks like you are having lots of fun, and working very hard. Thanks for the inspiration. Laura, Fresno, CA

  2. BNO

    I already saw your works in some photos but didn’t it was from you, and I must say I’m a fan : you colorize the world and it’s quite nice, it makes it happyier ! So please continue !
    (Excuse my english : I live in France)

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