hey austin folks, join the production team!

2 people to work small knitting looms

10 knitters to make some pieces by hand.

As you probably can guess, Magda’s projects typically require a lot of wo/man hours. This fall Magda is putting up her most ambitious commissioned installation yet. It’s going to be here in Austin and Magda’s shopping for some help.

Magda invites you to a meeting to kickstart the project, complete with specific details, compensation info, deadlines and more:

Thursday, August 26 at 7pm at Domy Books.
RSVP at the facebook event here.

It will be brief, probably no longer than 15 minutes, but it’s mandatory for anyone who wants to be involved. Please note that by showing up, you are not automatically committing to the gig, nor are you guaranteed the job… this is the informational meeting to create the production team for the next Knitta Please project.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Karen (at) knittaplease (dot) com. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!


  1. Patti McCarty Stevenson

    I am in Abilene, Tx. Don’t think I can make the 15 minute meeting in Austin, but if you run short of volunteers, shoot me some info. Thanks!

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