new art on the east side

Cesar Chavez and San Marcos

We’re gearing up for Art Week Austin with new pieces. Yesterday the lamp post in front of Domy Books was hit with argyle. More installations will be up today and all week. I’ll be tweeting about it as I go. Hope to see ya’ll around! (more pictures after the jump…)


sense of scale


  1. jessica Peterson

    this is such a preppy light post now…i love it. truly looks as if it belongs. is that a roll-neck at the top? just like an old jcrew sweater.

  2. karlene

    Did you guys tag the stupid signs along 5th street lamar, heading to the lamar bridge? Someone did and they look fabulous now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Steven

    Great job! If I may, I would like to share a photo of the lamp post I took for my photography class this week.

    Knitta Please Lamp Post

    Thanks for the inspiration.

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