1. i have to smile….before going to your blog, i was on uncommon and i made the exact design you have above. slanted the same. i really love it! i made a baby blanket for my sister with this stitch and it turned out great!
    i saw a picture of the mexico city bus last year and when i was there in september, i kept my eye out for it, but darn it no luck!
    love your blog and all the bombing you do! id love to add something in Atlanta where i am living.

  2. Jesse Kim

    hi there!

    I’ve sent an e-mail for inviting Ms. Magda Sayeg to Korea in May but the e-mail address “contact@knittaplease.com” doesn’t work.
    Could you please let me know her another e-mail address?
    Then I’ll send it again.

    Jesse KIm
    from Korea

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