just one more teeny tiny post

I think it has been dark and dreary everywhere, so the knitta in me had to do something about it. These days I have really enjoyed wrapping the ubiquitous signless pole. If this is not self explanatory, it is a pole that stands for no reason. It may have had a stop sign, or street sign, or (more often) a “no parking” sign, but now it is just a pole. Here are some recent ones I warmed up in Austin.

Ok I am going to enjoy a hot toddy now and call it a year.



  1. Lois

    Those are so cute! ^_^ How long does it take you to make one? How long do they stay there before some boring person with no sense of humor removes them? I’m thinking that birds must love these–they probably pick off the fibers to make a soft, colorful nest lining.

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