Knitta has friends in Finland

Recently, Knitta virtually met a knitting duo based in Finland. They call themselves Norsuneiti and Knittapotkyloita. They knit brilliant pieces and have placed them in Scandinavia as well as Czech Republic, Austria, and elsewhere around Europe. The two young women have only been knitting graffiti for one year, but their craftsmanship, humor, placement and photography are incredible and an inspiration. As we’re gearing up for our book, We Knit Graffiti, we can’t help but share the brilliant photographs that are coming in as submissions. Check out more photos on their flickr sites here and here. Thanks for sharing with us N and K!


  1. That is funky! How do you get them on their places? I’m guessing that you knit them in the flat and then quickly sew them up onto their poles that they cover? It is totally awesome, and I can’t wait for your book!

  2. Knitta Please knits flat pieces then attaches them at the seam with plastic zip ties or yarn. I’m not sure which way these pieces were attached though, as they are not by Knitta.

  3. As much fun it looks to knit them and place them, I bet it is equally delightful to come across one totally out of the blue! These are all great! I especially love the on the grocery cart! Lucky shopper that gets that one.

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